NameWilliam Horace Turner
Birth2 May 1862, Victor, Ontario, N. Y.
Death28 Apr 1930, Victor, Ontario, N. Y.
FatherThomas Campbell Turner (1817-1874)
MotherNancy Maria Ellis (1824-1914)
Misc. Notes
Note 1. Conducted a potato business with brother Henry Ellis Turner until there was a falling out between the brothers which terminated the partnership.

Note 2. William H. served as Victor township supervisor.

Note 3. The turner homestead, which William lived in, in now (1999) little more than a barely discernable ruin in the woods that have overgrown the site. It was once the showplace of Victor, and rumored to have been a stop on the underground railroad. William H cut a fine figure in a buggy drawn by a matched pair of Paints. Richard Ellis Turner remembers his father, Henry Roy Turner, having possession of two preserved hides of the famed Paints (stored in his attic) in Buffalo, N.Y.

Source 1. Business Card for the Potato Business, an original of which is in the possession of Mary Turner Martin.
Birth19 Feb 1862, East Bloomfield, N.Y.
Death28 Mar 1886, Victor, Ontario, N. Y.
Marriage17 Dec 1884, Canandaigua, N.Y.
ChildrenLyman Ellis (1885-1954)
Birth1 Jan 1869, East Bloomfield, N.Y.
Death1 Oct 1929, Victor, Ontario, N. Y.
Marriage1893, Victor, Ontario, N.Y.
ChildrenEverett (1895-1955)
 Elizabeth Ellen (1897-1977)
 Henry Roy (1899-1951)
 John Ernest (1902-1977)
 Thomas Russell (1904-1984)
 Francis Donald (1908-1934)
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