NameBessie Ellsworth
BirthCormorant, MN.
Death1978, Pelican Rapids, MN.
FatherBenjamin B. Ellsworth (1860-1938)
MotherAdelaide Tucker (-~1928)
Misc. Notes
Bessie Ellsworth is reported as having lived on her parents old home near Cormorant, Minnesota for many years.

The following information about ben Ellsworth come from Jessie Rasmussen, RR#3, Box 206 -D, Pelican Rapids, Minnesota 56572:
"My recollection comes from before I was 10 years old. Ben Ellsworth was a neighbor to my grandfather Tucker and my grand mother who was married before and her name was Wallac, Rosa Young Wallace.
Ben Ellsworth was married to 'Add"--Adeline I presume. They did not have children but did raise a girl by the name of Bessie. She married a Mr. Ballard and had a son, George, who is living on what I remember the Ben Ellsworth farm. She lived to be in her eighties when passed away last year. She lived with another son in Pelican Rapids, namely Ralph.
It seems to me that Ben Ellsworth's wife Add was a half or step sister of my Grandfather as I stated above a step relative, but the only Grandfather I or my family knew and he and my Grandmother Rossa Wallace Tucker were a very wonderful couple and their farms joined. Except Ben's land was in Dun township and my Grandfathers land was in Scrambler Township. Too my Grandfather's land was never on Broadwater Beach. But Ben Ellsworth had lake shore and the George Ballard's have a cabin on their beach yet. The Ballards are all a very nice family and Bessie, their mother, who made her home with the Ellsworth family was a very fine lady, had a nice family of children. I only happen to know the two sons--but did meet a daughter.
Ben and Add were in an accident driving a team of horses and riding in a double wagon box seat, the horses frightened, ran away and Add was injured and lay in a coma for months or maybe years. During these years, I was not around this vicinity can't give details--
I do know that when I did return to live about thirty miles from my Granparents, My Grandfather helped with the funeral arrangements for Add when she passed away. He brought the minister from Frazee, Minn. A Methodist minister from the church we attended (by this time my grandparents had retired and moved to Frazee, Minn. to be near me and my family) to preach her funeral sermon. She was buried in the Scrambler Cemetery not far from there. The services were held perhaps in a Union Church near here--This I'm not sure about.
I had thought I'd get over to the cemetery and look up dates on the gravestones, because I would not be presupposed if my Grandfather helped to see there were markers bought for the Ellsworth graves because about that time it seems he was getting one for his father Lyman Tucker. [Lyman Tucker might have been the father of Add Tucker Ellsworth] My Grandmother Tucker's husband Frank Wallace was a Civil War veteran and Grandpa Tucker always saw he had a flog on his gave Memorial Day. He was just that kind of a man to look after things for people....
I do remember Ben. He had a large beard, grey and was a short man. Add had a pet dog. they lived in a log house. She was a very neat person.
I don't recall the Ben Ellsworth's having any church affiliations, so perhaps that is why my Grandfather brought the Methodist minister down for Add's service. Too, this little union church is supplied with the Congregational church pastor of Pelican Rapids and if it happened to be their services here was closed for fall and winter. It could have been possible that it was a grave side service--I attend this Union church (our Granparents helped to build) and they have services only in summer months because its hard for a minister to drive that far in cold weather."

Much should be said of Jessie Rasmussen for these personal remembrances of Ben and Add Ellsworth. Since this was obviously written by a very caring and living person.

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