NameArthur Aylesworth
Birth1656, In England or Wales
Birth13 Oct 1997, A/K/A Arthur 1 Aylesworth (note spelling)
Death13 Sep 1725, Quidnessett, East Greenwich, Kent, R.I.
Misc. Notes
Sources & Information:
Date of death for Mary Browne shown as 18 May 1662 and Married abt 1680. This does not come out right.

Arthur Aylworth (note spelling) born about 1656 in England or Wales. He came over on the Ship Mary and John and settled in Windsor, Mass. Came prior to July 29, 1679, age 23 years,
however, some say 1681 @@ 25 years of age. Either way the year of arrival come out as 1656.

A Great Amount of early family data recorded here comes from the following publication:
"Arthur Aylsworth, and His Descendents in America, by Homer Elhanan Aylsworth, M.D., published by the Narragansett Historical Publishing Co., Providence, Rhode Island, 1887, edited by James N. Arnold, Editor of the Narragansett Historical Register.

There will be found additional data provided through The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. These facts provided in collaboration with members of their church and others from outside. It should be duly noted that records submitted have been generally correct but with some incorrect recordings that should not be taken and accepted without verification.

Arthur Aylworth, b. about 1656 in England or Wales. Possibly a Welshman born in England.
One source says he came to America from either England or Wales and settled at Quidnesset, North Kingstown, R.I., where he died between November 7, 1725 and September 13, 1726.
Another source says he died between September 13, 1725 and November 9, 1725. Arthur
death in R.I. is believed to be at about age 69. The Chad Browne Memorial further supposes
that Mary Browne died some years earlier. He was the first of his line in the State of Rhode

It is known that on July 29, 1679, Arthur Aylsworth and 41 others of Narragansett near
Wickford, Rhode Island, petitioned to the King praying that he "would put an end to these differences about the government thereof, which hath been so fatal to the prosperity of the
place; animosities still arising in peoples' minds as they stand affected to this or that

Arthur Aylworth married Mary Brown, in Providence, Rhode Island. She the daughter of
Rev. John Brown and Mary Holmes. She was from Providence, Rhode Island. They settled
in Quidnesset Neck in Kings Town now North Kingstown, Washington County, Rhode Island.

Arthur's father is said to be of Yorkshire, and a descendent of the Cambridge line. Supposedly
his father came to Windsor, Connecticut about 1646 or shortly thereafter.

Arthur was appointed to some kind of inspectorship on Feb. 6, 1698-99. He was elected
Ratemaker May, 1699 and viewer of fences and supervisor of highways June 5, 1699. He deeded a quantity of land to Henry Tibbets on September 21, 1697. Neither the bounds, number of acres, nor consideration can be ascertained. The deed was acknowledged Oct.,1697. The record of his signature remains distinct.

Arthur's brother is believed to be Josiah who was from Somersetshire, England parish named "Timbercomb." He came over on the ship Mary and John and settled in Windsor, MA. Josiah married Elizabeth Holcomb in 1654 and had children: Josiah, Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Thomas, Jonathan, John, Job, and Benjamin.

Another brother of Arthur's might be Theopholis Ellsworth of the New York line. Supposedly these three brothers: Arthur, Theopholis, and Josiah all came to the United States and took different spellings of the name; Theopholis' line using Elsworth, Arthur's line using Aylsworth, and Josiah's line using Ellsworth. This theory is pure speculation, and has yet to be proved. It should be noted that many of Arthur's descendents used the names of Elsworth and Ellsworth.

Records at Wickford which is near Narragansett in Rhode Island contain traces of ArthurAylworth's will. This will is copied in its entirety in the Book, Arthur Aylsworth and his Descendants in America by Homer Elhanan Aylsworth, M.D.

WIVES: It is possible that there are two wives having the name Mary plus another whose name
is not known. This is creating problems due to date of death of Mary BROWNE.
Birth10 FEB 1654/55, Lynn, Essex, MA.
Death18 May 1662, Quidnessett, East Greenwich, Kent, R.I.
FatherJohn Browne , Rev. (1630-1706)
MotherMary Holmes (1628-1690)
MarriageBET 1681 AND 1682, Providence, Rhode Island
ChildrenRobert (1681-1760)
 Arthur (~1683-1761)
 John (1685-1771)
 Mary (1687-1741)
 Thomas (1689-1698)
 Elizabeth (1691-~1764)
 Philip (Aylsworth) (1694-~1741)
 Katharine (Catherine) (1694-~1764)
 Jediah (Chad) (1696-1773)
 Martha (1698-1736)
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