NameCaleb (Elsworth) Aylesworth
Birth1750, West Greenwich, Kent Co., R.I.
Death10 Apr 1810, Hallowell, Prince Edward Co., Ontario, Canada
FatherPhilip Aylesworth , Jr. (1725-1815)
MotherDeborah Dyer Waite (1725-)
Misc. Notes
Sources & Information:
This family emigrated to Canada about 1790-91 and settled permanently on the north side of East Lake, in the Town of Hallowell, Prince Edward Co., Ontario, where they died.

During our visit to east Lake area, in May, 1979, it was indicated that the Elsworth's had a burial ground or cemetery on the farm. This was located down a lane between road and East Lake in Lot 10 by John R. Mallory. It is believed that the Caleb (Aylsworth) Elsworth family along with the Arthur Elsworth family are buried there. Exactly how many in number or name is not known. That the present cemetery has been plowed over by the present owner and he will not admit that it was ever there.


"The earliest settlers were the Youngs--(Col. Henry and family)-- Col. James Rogers, and Major David McGregor Rogers, natives of New Hampshire, and officers of the "Queen's Royal,: a regiment better known as "Rogers' Rangers"; Augustus Spencer, Samson Striker, Elisha Miller, CALEB ELLSWORTH, "Squire" Peters, and the Spaffords, all U. E. Loyalists; Jonathan Ferguson a soldier in the Revolutionary War, who previously served in the British force which captured Canada from the French; Capt. Dyer, an ex-officer of the British Army; James Blakeley, also a retired British officer. The Ketchums, Scotts, and John Ogden were also among the earliest settlers."
"The neighborhood of East Lake continued to receive accessions to its population; and we have it on the authority of Rev. G. W. Miller--an admitted authority on such matters--that on the 1st January, 1800, the settlement contained thirty--four families--fifteen on the north side, and nineteen on the south side of the Lake as follows:--commencing at what is now Cherry Valley, at the head of the Lake, and proceeding down the north shore, in the following order--Col. John Peters, half-pay officer; Major Rogers, half-pay officer; David Friar and--, Friar, U. E. Loyalists; Roswell Furguson, U. E. Loyalist; Elisha Miller, U. E. Loyalist; Blaisdell Taylor; CALEB ELLSWORTH; Lieut. Henry Young, half-pay officer; Henry Young, Jr., U.E.L.: Augustus Spencer, half-pay officer: George and Benjamin Waite, U.E. Loyalists; William Dyre, U.E. Loyalist: and GEORGE ELLSWORTH."
Here you have mention of Caleb Elsworth and his son George Elsworth. In the first and second paragraphs one must conclude that Caleb Elsworth was considered a United Empire Loyalist, however, George Elsworth is not so included as a U.E.L. in the second paragraph. Also note the spelling used in these two references as ELLSWORTH in both cases.

November, 1959, Issue No. 8.

"The minutes of the town-meetings of Adolphustown are, by no means, the only records of town-meetings in Upper Canada. It is not my intention to go into those elsewhere in the province; perhaps, however, it may be of interest to refer briefly to the municipal records of Hallowell Township. The first record of this township refers to a meeting of the inhabitants of the township on March 5th, 1798 before Augustus Spencer and John Stinson, the two Justices of the Peace. This meeting selected Rozel Ferguson as Town Clerk: CALEB ELSWORTH and Peter Conger as Assessors." There were other selections made at this meeting but that of Caleb Elsworth is the one of interest in this instance.


On the arrival of Eileen Isabelle Ellsworth Hartman from Culver City, California on Friday, July 14, 1989 a decision was made for a trip to Quinte's Isle, Hallowell County, north shore East Lake, Ontario, Canada. This being toward the east end and on the north Shore of Lake Ontario.
The trip began on July 18 from Royal Oak to Port Huron, Michigan and across the Blue Water Bridge to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, thus on to Highway 402 and Highway 401 through Toronto to the Trenton exit leading to Quinte's Isle. We returned on Thursday, July 20th.
Our stay was at the Tip of the Bay Inn, Picton. Making the trip along with Eileen was Kathleen Annabelle Ellsworth Hartman, Florine Violet Ellsworth Hartman and Edward Dale Ellis. We of course had great hopes of contacting Terrance and Gail Ellsworth in Bloomfield, Ontario near Picton. On coming through Bloomfield had stopped at Terry's address 79 Main St. but found no one home so proceeded to our location at Tip of the Bay Inn. Later called Terry who advised that he and Gail were now separated, expressed interest in our Ellsworth Family efforts but not disposed to meet anyone. This was a big disappointment since it was our understanding he and Gail had joined a local Genealogical Society and were doing further research on their branch of family. Asked about John R. Mallory and wife Mildred and was told that each had passed away. Mallory's daughter, Florence Cooper, is now living in the Mallory home and operates it as a Bed and Breakfast Inn.
In our ramblings of the area, located a map of Athol Township, dated 1984, prepared by Milton B. Fennell, showing the owners of property along the north shore of East Lake. If you follow the lots shown on area map you will see information on ownership of former Ellsworth property. George Elsworth original property was Lot 1, 2, and 3. Caleb Elsworth original property was Lot 10, 11, and west 1/2 of 12. The owners indicated were as follows: Lot 1, Marjorie Welsh and Clifford Foster. Lot 2, Harold Foster and Hope Hickling. Lot 3, Pat Dunkle, Edison McConnell and Bernard Parks. Lot 10, George Rodel, James Sills and George Young. Lot 11, Jack Noble and John Perry. Lot 12, Alex Mann. This was a help in watching the mail boxes for names that would indicate the exact location of former property. Through this we were able to talk with Alex Mann, farmer, located on Lot 12. The story about a former family cemetery having been on the property was asked and he indicated having heard of such but was not aware of exact location. He indicated that in the early days person were often buried on the farm.
The important part of this trip was that Florine [age 85] was able to travel and along with Daughter Eileen see, for the first time, the land of Florine's Great-Great-Grandfather Caleb Elsworth. The balance of this trip was mostly driving around to see the country side, a museum, and my contact with the Prince Edward Amateur Radio Club, Tuesday night net, on 146.73 kHz, net control VE3AEU Hart.
/s/ Edward D. Ellis, KA8NCH/W8EDE.
Birth1754, Hallowell, Prince Edward Co., Ontario, Canada
DeathHallowell, Prince Edward Co., Ontario, Canada
Marriage1771, Rensselaer Co., New York.
ChildrenArthur (1773-1827)
 Aaron (1775-)
 Caleb (1777-)
 Noel (1779-)
 Asa Weightman (1780-)
 Lois (1781-1823)
 George (1783-1862)
 Elizabeth (1785-1856)
 Huldah (1787-)
 Deborah (1789-)
 Wealthy (1793-)
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