NameSusan Jane Barron
Birth29 Jul 1939, Providence Hosp., Wayne Co., Detroit, MI.
OccupationElementry School Teacher
FatherFrank Joseph Barron , Jr. (1907-2000)
MotherMarion Elizabeth Ellis (1910-1988)
Misc. Notes
Sources & Information:
Much of what you find in the notes concerning the Charles and Susan Duffy family are the
result of Susan's December yearly Christmas letters.

Memories of 1983 by Susan Duffy.
"I have been trying to keep things in perspective, but it hasn't been easy. Of Course, there are
the problems with the cars, (two teenage drivers now) homework, and getting along together,
but for my escape, I have continued teaching art. This fall I varied my schedule by teaching
grades one and two one week and adding grades five and six on alternating weeks. It's been
a challenge, but also very interesting."

Happenings of 1984 by Susan Duffy.
"I had a good year with the addition of grades 5 and 6 to my teaching schedule, and this year
continued with the same. For two weeks in January, there will be two artists coming in to work
with me through a puppetry grand with grades 5 and 6. It should be a busy but interesting
time. Have been doing a bit of sewing this fall, both for myself and my changing figure and
gifts for others."

Happening of 1985 by Susan Duffy.
"I took on a new challenge this fall when I was asked to teach the junior high art classes along
with grades one, two, five, and six. It has been an enjoyable experience, but has really added
to my busy schedule. I have done some re-decorating this year in two rooms, but I have to
pace myself do to tendentious in my right should. The body just doesn't hold up forever!"

Item 5.Christmas letter for 1986 by Susan Duffy.
"My teaching activities continue at school. This fall my schedule (part time) includes grades
K - 6 as well as a twelve week course I attended as a student. During the summer break, I did
get to some re-decorating, namely our bedroom and I painted and stenciled one bathroom."
"Duff seems to be content with his retirement. After a bad fall early last spring, we got him
going with some physical therapy which kept him busy through the summer. In October we
took a trip to Boston for a Boston College football game, and then Thanksgiving we made a
long over-due visit to Michigan."
Happy Holidays 1987 by Susan Duffy.
"Though school remains part-time for me, it is becoming more demanding with close to 300
children in grades Kinder garden through seventh. This summer I was forced to give up some
activity when I had surgery on the palm of my right hand for the removal of a ganglion cist.
Nothing real serious except being rather incapacitated for a few weeks. It did give Thom a
chance to learn some kitchen duties before moving into his apartment near school. Remolding
this year was some new flooring in the kitchen and entry which lead to the discovery of
termites and then to the painting of the basement and garage. What fun!"

Christmas 1989 by Susan Duffy.
"My teaching career is now into its fourteen year. I have preferred to remain part-time, but my
schedule does include all grades from K thru 8. Junior high is always a challenge, but so far
we're surviving. My activities at church have also increased to include not only parish council
and worship commission, but environment and renovation committees. We will be
redecorating the interior of the church, and I have made a couple of banners for special
liturgical seasons."

Barron Family History by Susan (Barron) Duffy, received Aug 8, 2002.

"Susan Duffy" <> of 10 Aug 2002, re: Bernard Joseph Barron.
Birth9 Aug 1938, Mercy Hosp., Pittsburgh, PA.
Birth9 Aug 193813
Death26 Dec 1992, Scott Township, Allegheny Co., PA.
Death26 Dec 199214
Marriage1 Jun 1963, Saint Dennis Church, Oakland Co., Royal Oak, MI.
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